Kylie Jenner Sets The Record Straight On Her Breast Size

Today in Kylie Jenner news, we report that people are still fascinated by the physical changes of a 19-year-old's body. The reality star incited a storm of speculation around whether or not she'd undergone breast augmentation — with a single Snapchat.
The video above inspired such tweets as, "When did you get your breast done?" and "Girl your boobs look so good today what is your secret help a sister out." Rumors also cropped up around Jenner's recent Snapchat hiatus — many suspected she'd gone off-grid for some kind of procedure. But she was quick to set the record straight.
Changes in breast size are quite common when your period — or "time of the month," to borrow Jenner's terminology — comes around. In fact, swelling, tenderness, or even pain in the breasts can start as early as two weeks before your period actually starts. You have your wonderful hormones to thank for this. As your body gears up for menstruation, your hormone levels can fluctuate pretty dramatically, changing way more than just your breast size. And Jenner's right — soon enough, her breasts will return to their normal size, even as soon as her period actually starts. When that time comes, we'll just have to turn our attention to some other body part. Has anyone checked in on Kylie's elbows lately?

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