This Princess Diaries Actor Wants Another Sequel As Much As You Do

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI.
We were psyched to hear rumors that a Princess Diaries 3 might be in the works, and it looks like we're not the only ones pining for more Mia Thermopolis. Actor Héctor Elizondo has expressed interest in making The Princess Diaries into a trilogy. Elizondo, who played Mia's bodyguard (and trusted friend and advisor), told Variety Latino that he would be down to play the role of Joe once again. "It’s not official, but certainly, everybody wants it done. It’s been discussed."
According to Entertainment Weekly, director Garry Marshall spoke to Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews about a possible third installment before he passed away earlier this summer. Now, we know Marshall spoke to Elizondo, too.
"Gary talked to me — may he rest in peace — about his involvement in it. I know Annie would like to do it. I know Julie would like to do it. I would like to do it. So we’re on board, it’s a question of when and a question of getting a good story. I’m ready! It’s time to go back to Genovia!" Elizondo told Variety Latino. We just have a couple of questions: Are the castle walls of Genovia still as pristine as ever? And, now that Princess Mia is all grown up, what does her royal life look like? It's been 12 years since the second Princess Diaries movie, and we can only hope that the third delivers as many memorable moments from Elizondo as the first. Remember when he made you tear up with that Eleanor Roosevelt line, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent?" Yeah, we're already crying.

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