This Sleeping Baby In A Stranger Things Costume Is The Best Thing On The Internet

With Halloween around the corner, you’re probably starting to brainstorm costume ideas. It can be a challenge to come up with something original and fun that also looks cute on you. Well, this baby seems to have the costume thing all figured out — or at least her mom does. L.A.-based photographer Laura Izumikawa is mother to 4-month-old Joey Marie Choi, who has become Instagram famous thanks to her adorable nap time dress-up sessions.
Scrolling through Izumikawa’s Instagram feed, you see the most precious versions of your favorite television characters, like Eleven from Stranger Things; movie characters, and even a few celebrities. What’s most astounding about the photos, though, is that little Joey barely stirs as her mom dresses her up mid-nap. At first you can't believe this baby is such a heavy sleeper, but the mama also posts “behind the shot” videos featuring baby falling fast asleep to her favorite ocean sounds playing on her mom’s iPad. When Izumikawa thinks Joey is finally asleep, she does an “arm flinch test” to see how deeply she’s sleeping. If the baby doesn’t stir, that’s when mom begins dressing her in the costumes, some of which even include wigs and props.
According to a recent flashback post from Izumikawa, she started dressing up Joey during nap time when the tot was just two weeks old as a way to “keep my zombie state of mind sane and entertained at home.” Since it began way back when Joey was a newborn, the costumes have grown more elaborate, and their Instagram followers have blown up to over 77,000. It's not hard to see why the posts are so popular. Take a look at some our favorites, along with Izumikawa's original captions, ahead. (Huffington Post)

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