You Could Get Uber Rides For As Low As $1 Next Month

Photo: Alex Segre/REX/Shutterstock.
In six U.S. cities, taking an Uber could actually become cheaper than taking the bus.

The company just announced a beta subscription service that'll give you cheap rides for a monthly fee.

The exact cost of the “Uber Plus” program depends on which city you're in, Forbes reports. The lowest you can get is 20 $1 UberPool rides in DC for $30. You can also get 20 $2 UberPool rides for $20 in San Francisco or $40 in Boston.

Bostonians may be disappointed by that price point, though, since Uber offered them one-penny rides for the same price in July. The other participating cities are Seattle, San Diego, and Miami.

Uber Plus membership is first come, first served and will become available in September.

Now, we wonder what Lyft will be doing to up its game.

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