Rachel Bloom’s Instagram Leaves Us Wishing For A Kylie Jenner Cameo On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rachel Bloom, the creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, just won Instagram with this perfect caption to a photo of Kylie Jenner. The pic, which Jenner posted to her own Instagram earlier this week, shows her eating an apple while wearing a black strapless dress from a fashion shoot with friend Jordyn Woods. Since Jenner kept the caption blank, it seems Bloom decided to help her out. And boy, did she come up with a good one. "My friend Kylie and I were apple picking in an alley before going to a ball," Bloom wrote, "And I was like 'Stop. Hold. Right there.'" Bloom's right, the light really is perfect in that apple-filled alley.

My friend Kylie and I were apple picking in an alley before going to a ball and I was like "Stop. Hold. Right there."

A photo posted by Rachel Bloom (@racheldoesstuff) on

Now, while we know Bloom is only kidding around with her clever caption, it has us wishing for a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cameo from Jenner. Imagine it: Bloom is getting ready for a big date with Josh Chan and she goes to one of those mall-beauty-counter makeup artists, who just so happens to be Jenner. This doesn't go ignored by Bloom's character, Rebecca Bunch, which means there will definitely be some good Kardashian joke opportunities from the famous family's youngest sister. Not a bad way to promote those Lip Kits of hers, either. Even better, it would give Jenner a chance to sing again. We're thinking a nice hip-hop number that maybe even features a Tyga cameo. What do you think? Jenner would certainly be in good company, since the show's second season already announced cameos from Pitch Perfect's Brittany Snow and Jane The Virgin's Yael Grobglas. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns October 21.

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