The Kids’ Movies That Got Us Through Adult Problems

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX/Shutterstock.
Kids' movies can definitely be a kind of comfort food for adults. The Home Alone score can bring you back to a time when your biggest problem was your next math test. The Disney castle might remind you of drinking juice boxes in a blanket fort.
But children's entertainment can offer adult viewers more than pure nostalgia feels. Those movies and TV shows can also spark real problem-solving inspiration. After all, kids' programming teaches the sort of life lessons the elementary school set needs to learn — the kind adults often need to be reminded of. The Harry Potter books have been shown to increase empathy — who knows what positive effects a rewatch of Toy Story could have?
So the next time you have relationship woes or feel stuck in your job, it might be time to dust off a VHS (or visit Netflix's kids' section). Try Harriet the Spy for a confidence boost or Inside Out for reassurance that it's okay to feel sad. Watching them while enjoying a pack of Gushers isn't necessary, but it could help.

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