App Reduces Waste By Selling Leftover Restaurant Food For Cheap

What could be better than Seamless? How about an app that not only provides you with cheaper meal takeout, but one that also majorly cuts back on food waste? Too Good To Go provides its users with affordably sustainable eats. Boasting the tagline "Eat well. Save Money. Save the planet," the TGTG app allows its users to purchase leftover food that restaurants would otherwise toss out.
There are a few drawbacks: Users cannot pick specific meals and instead are given an idea of available cuisine type (e.g. sushi or pastries). They also must pick up from the participating restaurants at or near closing time (no delivery here). Oh, and the biggest one for us: So far the app is only available in Denmark and the U.K.

Setting those aside, not only are the meals cheaper (running between $2.60 to $5), but food waste is greatly diminished and the packaging is 100% recyclable. There's also an option to donate money via the app for providing meals to those in need.

Eater reports that the app was created last year in Denmark and has since launched in the U.K., with wider international expansion to come. Here's hoping that the U.S. is next!

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