There Is A Secret To Staying Cool In Hot Weather

Photographed by Katie McCurdy.
Want to stay cool for the remainder of the summer? Try turning off your AC.

It may seem contradictory, but according to a lecture by environmentalist Stan Cox, air conditioners are making our summers miserable in more than one way, New York Magazine reported.

First, AC is pretty terrible for climate change, since it uses so much energy. But it also has a shorter-term effect.

The more our bodies get used to cold temperatures indoors, the hotter the outside weather seems in contrast, Cox explained. Research has supported this theory, known as the "adaptive comfort model." One study found that people in buildings with natural ventilation tolerated a wider variety of temperatures.

This doesn't mean you should suffer through summer without an AC, of course. But resisting the impulse to blast it as high as possible may help you beat the heat in the long run. Plus, it'll be good for the environment and your electric bill.

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