Boomer Phelps Slept Through His Today Show Appearance

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.
Michael Phelps may have taken home multiple gold medals, but his son Boomer has been stealing the show at this year's Olympics. On The Today Show Friday morning, Boomer was the first one Matt Lauer wanted to talk to. But unfortunately for Lauer, the kid slept through the whole damn thing, Pop Sugar noticed.

As Michael's mother Debbie Phelps talked about how great it's been to watch her son succeed, Boomer just sat in his mom Nicole Johnson's arms, totally oblivious. He opened his eyes and squirmed around a bit, but being on TV was clearly not too exciting to him. He's already basically a celebrity, after all.

Hoda Kotb asked Johnson what it'll be like when Boomer learns what, exactly, his dad does for a living. "It's amazing," she said. "And to be able to share it with Boomer, even if he won't remember, outside of all the pictures and all the videos, it's really neat."

It'll also probably be cool for Boomer to grow up and realize he was TV-famous as a baby.


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