Totino’s Is Throwing It Back To The ’90s With This Snack

Photo: Courtesy of General Mills.
Now that Crystal Pepsi has officially returned, we need an accompanying snack worthy of this throwback '90s soda. Fear not! Totino’s to the rescue. The company, best known for pizza rolls these days, recently announced that it would be resurrecting Stuffed Nachos from its line of extinct '90s snack foods.
In case you don't remember these bite-sized beauties, let us jog your memory. Imagine regular nachos, but instead of having all your favorite ingredients sprinkled and melted on top, they're all packed neatly inside a doughy exterior. Also contributing to the simplicity of the snack is the fact that they can be made in the microwave in 60 seconds.
Totino's tells us this '90s nosh is coming back in two flavors: Supreme, which is stuffed with taco-seasoned chicken and beef, red bell pepper, and jalapeño; and Queso, filled with cheese — of course — along with onion and red bell pepper.
In addition to appealing to our love of nostalgia, Totino's said the snacks are meant to tap into millennials’ craving for unique and convenient meals. Along with the reintroduction of Stuffed Nachos, the company is also rolling out Pizza Sticks, which features the same ingredients as Pizza Rolls, but in an on-the-go form. Both products are out nationwide this month. Now, we just need to stock up on old-school scrunchies and flavored Chapstick to fully complete this '90s throwback.

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