I Livestreamed My Cupping Therapy & Here’s What Happened

By now, you've likely heard about Michael Phelps' internet-breaking cupping bruises. The large, circular welts dotted his shoulders and back as he swam to victory, igniting a new interest in this ancient Eastern practice. Basically, cupping involves suctioning glass or plastic cups to your skin. The practice is purported to help with everything from joint pain to muscle soreness. Beauty-wise, there have been claims, albeit unsupported, that the increase in blood flow helps to decrease inflammation and even treat acne. Obviously, I had to try it out. So I popped over to Cobble Hill Acupuncture for my very first cupping session — and it was quite the experience. There was zero pain, a helluva lot of pressure, and, ultimately, a lot of relief in my neck and shoulders. As for redness and bacne? I'll let you know once the bruising subsides. Interested in learning about the therapy yourself? Watch the video above. I'll also be answering follow-up questions in the comments, so fire away!

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