Chorks Are The Magical New Utensil That Are BETTER Than Sporks

If you (like me) have yet to master chopsticks (and perhaps never will), get ready for some seriously exciting news: a magical utensil called the "chork" exists. It's is just what you'd imagine and more: equal parts chopsticks and fork. It conveniently snaps together for prime pinching and can be flipped over for anything that needs more of a skewering action. So, whether you need help with your chopstick skills or you're just looking to scoop up the last of those pesky rice grains, the chork will be your mealtime savior.

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While this hyrbid utensil has apparently been on the scene since 2010, Eater just drew our attention to a major mainstreaming moment. Chinese-American fast-food chain Panda Express will soon be providing customers with chorks.

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Not only does it make eating your takeout much easier to manage, but the chain is also cutting down on waste by only offering one utensil, instead of two. Chorks FTW!

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