Watch This Granny Crush At Beer Pong At Her 100th Birthday Party

Beer pong is the party game of choice for college kids, but it can be pretty challenging. Not only does it take steadiness and hand-eye coordination, players need to be able to drink, too. That's why we're totally flipping over this video of a truly epic Solo cup dunk by a 100-year-old granny. Last month, Trevor Pope posted a video to Facebook from his grandmother's 100th birthday in Prospect Heights, IL. Since being posted on July 30, the video has gotten over 45,000 views — and that's all thanks to his granny's beer-pong prowess. In the video, the tiny grandma stands at the side of the table draped in a "100" sash. She shoots the pong ball and sinks it in the last standing yellow cup. Upon seeing the shot, the onlookers cheer and granny pops her fists in the air in celebration, looking surprised at her own accomplishment. Her skills will make you want to keep up your game, even if you're well past your college years. (Food & Wine)

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