SummVR In The City: The Circus Underneath The Brooklyn Bridge

The typical circus experience — popcorn, clowns, tricks, and twirls — has been done. Instead of the traditional acrobatics, Bianco's performers twirl and dance with whimsical, frenetic energy. The best part? The whole thing happened underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Bianco is more Cirque du Soleil than Ringling Brothers, pulling from the former's blend of artistry and athleticism. But Bianco is without Cirque's glitzy polish. Instead, the company presented the kind of unrefined fun that can only happen under a Brooklyn tent in the middle of summer. With a live band and small performance space, Bianco had a pop-up vibe. The show ran through the month of May. Produced by the the Welsh company NoFit State and presented by St. Ann's Warehouse, the two-hour performance was a marvel to behold. Refinery29 used virtual reality technology to capture Bianco from the front row. As the performers backflip, swing, and jump around in the video, viewers can move their screens to follow the action.

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