Ian Harding Shares Diabolic Predictions For The End Of Pretty Little Liars

Photo: Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Pretty Little Liars isn't exactly great at tying up loose ends. From A to Uber A to a town full of straight-up stalkers, it's hard to keep up with the never-ending drama. But Ian Harding just proposed two of the biggest plot twists of them all. And they are purely diabolical (A would be proud). Harding, who plays the onetime charming, but at his core creepy, Ezra Fitz, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about alternate endings he has dreamt up for the show. It's unclear whether the upcoming seventh season will be the last, but if it is, you better hope they don't let Harding into the writer's room. One of Harding's ideas might be the most infuriating ending of all time. He said he would love for it to "all be a dream." Whoa. Then the camera would show an elderly Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery next to Ezra “in prosthetic makeup á la the end of Harry Potter so we look really old with kids and all that.” Harding's next proposal is to just kill off all of the girls. “Maybe something horrible happens and we don’t know what happens to the girls, like they all drive off a cliff. And then the camera pans out and I’m laughing maniacally,” he told THR. “I think it would be fun if we found out Ezra was behind it the whole time.” Harsh, Harding. For more theories about Pretty Little Liars, check out our running list, here.

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