You Can Now Turn Your Bathwater “Black As Your Soul”

Most bath bombs can be used to make your water smell good or nourish your skin. But the effect of Bella Muerte Clothing's "black as your soul bathbomb" is far darker — literally. The product will turn your bathwater black. According to Bella Muerte's website, it's made of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, fragrant oil, witchhazel, and coloring. And, it seems, a healthy dose of angst and disillusionment. The bath bomb is sold out right now, perhaps because 1.6 million people have watched a video of Instagram user Emma Louiisee placing it into a tub while "Heaven And Hell" by Black Sabbath very appropriately plays in the background. (For unclear reasons, she's since edited the caption to say "I no longer support Hex Bomb and do not recommend them at all. Please spend your money else where with businesses who actually respect their customers.")
If your soul isn't quite that dark, Bella Muerte also sells a "red Bathory bloodbath bathbomb" and a "hell fury bathbomb." However, they're currently all sold out. Apparently, bath products for metalheads are in high demand.

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