You Can Get Unlimited Fries At The McDonald's Of The Future

The best McDonald's in the world is in St. Joseph, Missouri. The Show Me State was shown a 6,500-square-foot, three-story “McDonald's of the Future” by franchise owner Chris Habiger.

There’s a lot of cool stuff at this restaurant, but we’re gonna skip right to the relevant part: unlimited fries. Yeah, we said it, it’s true. If you order your hamburger sandwich (fight me) at one of their kiosks and make it a meal, you can eat as many fries as you want.

Here’s how it works, according to the Miami Herald.

“Placing your fast food order at a kiosk. Customizable burgers and sandwiches with such items as guacamole and maple bacon to 'make your burger special.' A dessert bar with waffle cones and waffle bowls with a variety of toppings. Table service. Armchairs and couches for hanging out. Interactive play area with a three-story play place and digital and projection games.”

Sounds pretty sweet to us. Apparently the location had to stop accepting orders during a recent lunch service because they couldn’t fill orders as fast as they were being placed. This is a McDonalds, mind you. Their orders basically come pre-filled.

The “McDonald's of the Future” is located at 3504 N. Belt Highway, in St. Joseph, Missouri. Watch a video below.


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