Netflix Goofed & Put Aziz Ansari's Subtitles On A Nature Doc & Twitter Will Never Recover

Sometimes the biggest mistakes create the most beautiful results. Isn't that right, Netflix?

This week the streaming service unintentionally gave its customers the greatest mashup of all time. As Mashable points out, Reddit user benmeiri84 noted that a friend was watching BBC's Planet Earth on Netflix when the subtitles started acting up.

Instead of observations about wildebeests and whatnot, viewers were being treated to commentary about dating, Brooklyn, and masturbation. You know who talks a lot about dating, Brooklyn, and masturbation? Aziz Ansari.

Somehow, a glitch in the Netflix system had pulled subtitles from the Master of None star's Live at Madison Square Garden comedy special, which is also available to stream on the platform. Alas, the glitch appears to have been fixed.

Though many are questioning whether or not this was truly an accident — Ansari is a Netflix star, after all — the Twittersphere pretty much lost its damn mind over the situation. With captions like these, can you blame them?


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