Channing Tatum Will Be Playing A Merman & The Whole Internet Can’t Even

The 1984 movie Splash features Daryl Hannah as a mermaid who rescues a boy from drowning, and later offers him the chance to live under the sea with her. Mermaids have traditionally been feminine figures — but a new casting decision proves they don't have to be. In an upcoming remake of Splash, Channing Tatum is taking on the role Hannah originated, and the internet is beside itself.
22 Jump Street's Jillian Bell is playing the role created by Tom Hanks in the new Disney film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The script is by Marja-Lewis Ryan, the writer behind the HBO pilot Unsupervised, the Netflix movie 6 Balloons, and the Lean In film about Sheryl Sandberg. So, basically, this movie promises to be feminist AF. Tatum appears to be continuing his Magic Mike mission of providing a bit of eye candy for the masses. Beyond that, though, the gender-flipped script should make for some interesting performances and a compelling story. Timing for production has not yet been announced.

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