Chips Ahoy! Is Following In Oreo's Footsteps

Last summer, Oreo Thins launched and Oreo fans have never been the same. The smaller cookies were a huge hit — and there are now even more classic flavors to choose from. Since the idea of a more adult-feeling, differently shaped cookie was such a big success with Oreos, Nabisco's sister brand is also trying out a whole new look. Yes, there is now such a thing as Chips Ahoy! Thins.

Nabisco is very clear about the fact that these are not "diet" cookies. They are simply thinner and crunchier. And in the case of Chips Ahoy! Thins, they're much crunchier than their regular counterparts. Packages of the original chocolate-chip flavor, as well as Cinnamon Sugars, are rolling out nationwide beginning today.
If you are in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, Chips Ahoy! has set up a couple of special partnerships to introduce its latest offerings. At 10Below in New York, Stan’s Donuts in Chicago, and Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles, customers can find limited-edition menu items that feature the new cookies.

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