The 9 Questions We Want Answered On The Hills' Anniversary Special

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
Get your tissues and waterproof mascara ready. The Hills 10th anniversary special is here! The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now airs tonight on MTV. And while it's not quite a full-blown reunion Lauren Conrad promised to "tell the real story" and to "reveal things they haven't talked about before," in the trailer. We're pretty sure this is as close to a behind-the-scenes deep dive as we're ever going to get.
Let's be honest though: We're obsessed enough with The Hills that we're happy for any little morsel of nostalgia they throw are way these days. (Seriously, how has it been a decade since it went off the air?!). Here's hoping tonight's special will answer a few of the lingering questions that have been on our minds since 2006.

Ahead, we pulled the most burning questions among them into a slideshow that we're hoping Lauren and the gang will own up to tonight. As for whatever doesn't get answered: The rest is still unwritten. (#SorryNotSorry)

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