The First Teaser For Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Show Is Here

Carrie Bradshaw has left the building, y'all. Sarah Jessica Parker is now in marital-split mode. The trailer for her new HBO series, Divorce, has just landed. The show stars Parker and Thomas Haden Church as feuding exes who can't resist flipping the bird at one another. This should be fun. The video, below, shows Church, who — fun fact — was one of Parker's co-stars in the not-good 2008 film Smart People, cranking up Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart," much to the annoyance of his ex, Frances (SJP). She retaliates by shutting off the power. Anyone else having a flashback to mommy and daddy's breakup? The show is scheduled to begin airing on October 9. The showrunners teased the series at a TCA panel this weekend. "Even though it’s called Divorce, it is in a bigger way really about marriage," said executive producer Paul Simms, Vulture reports. "There is a little bit of fantasy wish fulfillment in that you meet them at a bad time in their lives, but it allows them to say things they wouldn’t normally say to each other." And, of course, shoot the finger. We can only imagine how Frances would have reacted to Big's bedroom TV.

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