Watch This Flower Girl Literally Run Away From Her Responsibilities

Photo: Getty Images.
We’ve all heard of a runaway bride, but a runaway flower girl might be a first. This past May, Katie and Tom Quirk married in Melbourne, Australia, and while the ceremony was lovely, one hilarious incident made the day unforgettable. During what is arguably the most important part of a wedding ceremony — the exchanging of the vows — the flower girl, Chloe, sprinted away behind the happy couple. Luckily for us, the whole funny event was caught on camera. The video shows the bride looking adoringly into her groom’s eyes while she recites her vows, and all of a sudden we see the tiny girl darting away with her mother, the groom’s sister, chasing after her. Katie Quirk, the bride, told, "I saw this flash go by; then I saw my sister-in-law hauling after her, and that is when I turned to look. I could see little Chloe actually turning around and taunting her mother as she ran. She was basically saying, 'Come and catch me,' and I think that's when it set in: 'This is actually happening.'" Quirk also said that up until that moment, the 3-year-old flower girl had been very well-behaved all day, but after a long day, Chloe was understandably over it. We don’t blame her. We’ve all been Chloe, sick of being cute, running away from responsibility, and ignoring authority figures. Fortunately for Chloe, when you’re that adorable people tend to just giggle at your mischief. The bride said the moment added to the day. "It was one of the moments you could never have predicted, and it was such perfect timing. The guests were in stitches. Everyone was beside themselves," she told Today. Obviously the rest of the world agreed how perfect the funny moment was, as the video has been viewed 14,000 times on the videographer's Facebook page. Take a look for yourself by clicking over to Today. (Today)

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