Bachelorette JoJo Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Ben In Thailand

Photo Courtesy ABC/Rick Rowell.
As this season of The Bachelorette crescendos to its finale, JoJo Fletcher remains quite mindful of the fact that, not so long ago, she was on the other side of that rose ceremony. In her column for People, JoJo revealed that the whole time she was in Thailand, she was thinking about her heartbreak during The Bachelor, when Ben Higgins told her he loved her, only to reject her in the end. "So heading into this week I was ready to keep myself open to love — but also cautious to not make the same mistake that I thought Ben had made with me," she wrote. After describing how she was falling in love with both Robby and Jordan, she returned to the looming memory of Ben.
"I know it is unfair for me to compare the two, but in this journey, I can't help but explore all my concerns," Fletcher shared. "But going into this night I knew I loved [Jordan], and he loved me. I have to put my fears aside and continue to treat each relationship as their own — and not let my past interrupt my future." This sounds like wisdom we could all use, even when we're not seeking everlasting love on a reality TV. Ultimately, it seems like JoJo's heartbreak last season made her bite her tongue, even when she wanted to tell both Robby and Jordan that she loved them. At the same time, her experience with the two of them made her understand Higgins' side of things. "It is so hard to hear someone tell you how much they love you and to hold yourself back from saying it," she said. "But I promised myself that after what Ben had put me through I wouldn't [do] that to these guys. And so as hard as it was, I stuck with my promise."

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