These Transgender Women Remade Beyoncé’s Lemonade & It Slays All Day

Beyoncé, let the Glass Wing Group upgrade your Lemonade. The all-transgender creative team, led by Beyoncé impersonator Miss Shalae, remade some of Queen Bey's greatest moments from her visual album, calling it "Lemonade Served Bitter Sweet." But there's nothing bitter about this rendition, which finds these trans performers marching for "Freedom," grinding, without interruption, through "Sorry," wearing those heels for "6 Inch," and waving a bat around for "Hold Up," which definitely says "hot sauce" on it. And yes, Shalae really did go and break that car window just like Beyoncé did.
The video, which Shalae co-directed, took 16 hours to shoot, as she wrote on Facebook, adding her hope that everyone would "enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating!" Shalae thanked Beyoncé for being such an inspiration and expressed her hope that this video would go on to inspire those in the trans community. “I hope the video will show that we as transwomen are here and talented,” Shalae told Bullett. “I hope to inspire other transwomen and people to follow their hearts and dreams no matter who is against them." Shalae added, "Instead of judging expect us as human beings because that’s what we are first regardless of gender or sex.”

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