Here’s How Rami Malek Snorts All That Morphine On Mr. Robot

Elliot, Rami Malek’s Mr. Robot hacker hero, is addicted to morphine. Or at least he was in season one, though he’s been clean through the season two premiere. So, naturally, Malek had to snort a lot of morphine on camera. The creators didn’t just lay out fat lines of painkillers. Besides the obvious legal implications, it seems hard to act when you’re doing take after take of mind-numbing drugs designed to make you care so little about life that you forget you’re in pain. So the solution was simple: Snort Vitamin B, the industry standard for powdered drugs. But even that gets tiring after a while. What were they to do? Malek explained their clever solution during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "After a while I said, 'Look this is just killing me. Can we do something about it?' So they built me this vacuum that goes down my sleeve," Malek told Meyers. The result was at least one hilarious prank on the Mr. Robot crew. Watch below for that and for the weird effect the show has had on its Chinatown location.

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