What To Expect From Making A Murderer‘s New Episodes

Yesterday Netflix announced that there are more episodes of its hit documentary series Making a Murderer on the way. Kathleen Zellner, Steven Avery's lawyer, is offering some insight on what viewers can expect from the upcoming episodes.
As Zellner told People, "The new Netflix episodes will reveal all of the new evidence we have developed to show Steven is innocent and was framed for a second time."
The defense attorney also tweeted about the upcoming installments in the series, writing, "The best is yet to come."
Zellner has been vocally advocating for her client on Twitter since the series was released this winter. Earlier this month she tweeted, "Happy #Father's Day to Allan Avery & all the fathers of innocent sons & daughters who never give up the fight for freedom #MakingAMurderer."
Laura N. Nirider, the lawyer defending Brendan Dassey, Steven Avery's nephew who was also convicted of murder, explained her thoughts on the continuation of the series, telling People, "The whole world saw what happened to him over the course of season 1. People are rightfully up in arms about what happened to him, and we are grateful a spotlight will continue to be shown on his case."
A premiere date for the new episodes has not yet been announced.

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