Everything We Know About Detective Box On The Night Of

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It's good to know we're not alone in speculating about what's really going on with the "subtle beast" on The Night Of. Bill Camp, who plays Detective Dennis Box, has some questions of his own when it comes to the background and integrity of his character. In a interview with Medium, Camp delved into everything we know so far about Detective Box. To refresh your memory, Box is the classical-music-loving homicide detective assigned to investigate the death of 22-year-old Andrea Cornish. It's clear from his interactions with other policemen that he is a veteran detective with an impressive track record. He's also not afraid to use some sneaky strategies to get his suspects to talk, as seen in his interactions with Nasir "Naz" Khan and his family. Camp said his character's slow and subtle actions reflect the pacing of the show, which he described as "so textured and so rich." He also said that Box is a pretty realistic character, built on what he thinks viewers' perceptions of cops are. "We have these very easily defined ideas of policemen, lawyers, criminals, and crime scenes, and even of New York City. But this story is unique," he said. "There are so many different layers, and it’s like, 'Wait a minute, I’m not sure what this person wants,' 'I’m not sure what this person’s story is.' It’s odd, because the story is distilled in a very real way, but at the same time it’s opaque." Camp also said that he does think Box has some shady motives. Remember when he gives Naz his inhaler back at the end of episode 2? He's not just being a "good cop." He's definitely up to something — that inhaler was found at the scene of the crime. Camp even said that his character is "not a super nice guy." He continued, explaining that there's a mysterious "duality in him, where you’re not really sure which side he falls on. This guy lives in death and murder." Camp also elaborated a bit on the relationship between Box and Naz's attorney, John Stone. Stone is much more lighthearted than the earnest Box, and the two have known each other "for quite a long time," which is why there's both a tension and an ease between them. "The bottom line," Camp said, "is he’s a homicide cop who’s trying to solve a murder" — one that he seems to think Naz was involved in.

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