Beyoncé’s Rapunzel Braid Is The Stuff Of Dreams

About to get in hair formation...?? #beyoncebraids

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Sparkly stage costumes may come and go, but whip-ready locks are forever. At least if you're Beyoncé. At a show in Düsseldorf, Germany, last week, Queen Bey rocked a Rapunzel-like braid, secured high on the head and trailing down to her waist. Yes, the style is categorically cool, but then the "Formation" singer started moving. Suddenly, the long braid became a badass symbol of strength — the smallest head movement turned her plait into a magical whip — and a dramatic tool for punctuating her lyrics. Could there be a more stylish way to demand we get in formation?
We may not have all the dance moves to "Formation" down, but we're adding extensions to our online shopping carts ASAP. Because Yoncé has not only redefined #hairgoals in a way that will keep the summer sweat off our necks, she’s reimagined the most powerful way to whip our hair back and forth. Something tells us every other singer in the game is taking notes.

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