UnReal Tackles Police Brutality & Brings Back Adam In “Ambush”

Image: Lifetime/UnReal.
There's a lot to unpack in this one, starting with Quinn's plan to break up Rachel and Coleman. At the beginning of "Ambush," they're actually about to take their relationship to new heights. Coleman has invited Rachel to come meet his family on the East Coast. But while they are in the midst of their happy couple make out, there's a knock at the door. Adam's back on set — and he's not being shy about telling Rachel that he's here to get her back. Apparently, he's been off in Africa doing volunteer work and pining for her all the whole. But Rachel isn't interested and tries to make it clear that she's with Coleman now and she wants Adam to back off. (But not before meeting him in the suitor's quarters and getting a little hot and heavy with her farewell routine.) Coleman isn't pleased about this turn of events, and suggests to Rachel that maybe she's inviting some of this baggage into her life. He definitely has that right.
Meanwhile, Quinn is still trying to drive a wedge between Coleman and Rachel. She asks her boyfriend, John, to approach Coleman about future television development work — under the condition that he leaves Everlasting without Rachel. John follows up, and Coleman, a little swayed that Adam's back on set, takes the meeting. Rachel walks in on this happening and it plants a seed of doubt about whether or not she can trust Coleman, which makes it harder for her to resist Adam, who is, by the way, the same super babe as he was last season, just with slightly longer hair. Darius is still upset with Rachel about what happened in Alabama, which means he's not playing to the cameras, so Adam winds up charming the ladies in the hot tub. But it's really clear that this "good guy" routine is all about wooing Rachel, which riles up Coleman even more. To make matters worse, Yael seems to have taken a shine to the former suitor, sidling up to him after the jacuzzi talk. But she keeps getting creepier, wanting Adam to tell her the details about what happened last season; she's got something up her sleeve, it seems. Luckily, he senses it and walks away. As the episode continues, the contestants are filming their pitches for their solo dates with Darius. Adam helps sway him to choose Chantal, who wants to have a faux Venice/gondola evening, which is going great until Chantal decides that she's going to let loose a handful of her fiancé's ashes into the wind. They wind up all over Darius, who freaks out and gets out of the boat. Romeo has been called back to the set to help manage Darius, and together they decide to get the hell out of the mansion. On the way out, they run into Tiffany and Yael, who are already a little drunk. The foursome takes the Bentley parked in the driveway and heads off into the night — which is where everything takes a major turn for the worse.
When Rachel and Coleman realize that Darius has taken the car, they realize it's their opportunity to create some TV gold and call the police, reporting the vehicle stolen. Quinn is gone for the night — off having a romantic evening with John — and doesn't weigh in on any of this. What happens next winds up putting the show back into her hands: Darius, who is driving, gets pulled over, and yanked from the car by police officers. Rachel and Coleman and nearby, filming the whole thing, and Rachel sees the police roughing up Darius. She knows that the slightest injury to his back could completely ruin his career, so she runs toward the car to stop the police from yanking him around. Unfortunately, the police are startled when they see a woman tearing out of the woods. One of the cops fires his gun — and accidentally hits Romeo, who falls to the ground immediately. This isn't good. Later, back at the mansion, the police are swarming. Despite the fact that Coleman keeps telling her that it's not her fault, she's clearly internalized the accident and is on the cusp of a major meltdown. Rachel heads back to her trailer; that's where Adam finds her, curled up in a ball. He tries to apologize and tell her he loves her again but she refuses to hear it, kicking and screaming for him to leave. When he does, she picks up the phone and calls her mom.
When Quinn gets wind of all this, she rushes back to the set to deal with the aftermath, leaving a conversation about a future and kids with John in the dust. The next morning, she fires Coleman on the balcony. On the lower level, Rachel is being led away by her mom. When Quinn sees what's happening, even she looks afraid — she knows Rachel's mother is bad news. And she's right: Her mom brings Rachel directly to a psych ward and pumps her full of meds. The shady cherry on top of this episode? Yael has decided to leave the mansion; she calls Jeremy and he comes to pick her up. She tells him what happens with the shooting and how she's afraid, asking him to come clean about everything that happened last season. Jeremy starts to spill the show's secrets — and Yael surreptitiously turns on her recorder to get the whole thing on tape. Intrigued? Check out the clip for next Monday's upcoming episode below.

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