This Insane Mr. Robot Theory May Explain Everything Weird About Elliot

The season 2 premiere of the hit series, Mr. Robot, left many viewers confused, but one Reddit user may have all the answers. Suddenly, Elliot, the main character, is ensnared in a weird routine with his mother, which is weird considering the first season ended with him answering the door after a strange knock. Well, Reddit user Extenso has an interesting theory that may be coming to fruition: Elliot is delusional — and he's a prisoner. It seems crazy, but could actually be very true. As Extenso points out, Elliot's life mirrors that of a prisoner. He eats his meals at the same time every day. He "helps around the house," at the same time every day, which is much like a prison job. His room is rectangular, and he has no access to the internet. Plus, as Mic points out, every scene when he's outside the house shows him with bars surrounding him. So, is Elliot in prison? The show's creators are being mum about it, but this theory may not be far from the truth.

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