Scream Queens Season 2 Spoilers Are All Over Instagram

Judging by season 2 spoilers leaked across Instagram, hot guys are disposable on Scream Queens. The campy horror-comedy picks up with the Chanels and the rest of the core female cast, who have been relocated to a creepy mental institution. But there's a brand-new batch of male eye candy walking the hospital halls. Although we'll miss the collective 18-pack of Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta, and Glen Powell in season 1, their replacements don't disappoint. Rescued from his career as a Greek yogurt salesman, John Stamos will be playing the mental hospital's sketchy head surgeon, Brock Holt. Don't be deceived by the doctor's good looks. On Scream Queens, secrets always lurk behind smiles.

Doctor Brock Holt, that's right. #screamqueens @screamqueensfox

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Twihards on Team Jacob will also be happy to meet one of the hospital's more suspicious medical professionals, Cassidy Cascade. Taylor Lautner's mysteriously afflicted character quickly gets caught up in murder mischief, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Thanks @85leelou for this awesome and timely #fanartfriday

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Show creator Ryan Murphy's seasonal rotation of hot guys stands out as a script-flip of Hollywood's tendency to reserve sexy roles for women. After all, the producer behind Glee and American Horror Story has been outspoken about the industry's need for diversity. "I, personally, can do better," Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter in February when he was promoting the launch of his foundation, Half, which aims to get more women, people of color, and LGBTQ people behind the camera directing. Murphy hasn't explicitly said it's a strategic move against sexism, but he certainly has a clear track record of creating women-centered shows and recurring female actors. Connie Britton and Jessica Lange appeared on multiple seasons of the American Horror Story anthology and Lea Michele starred in Glee and has top billing on Scream Queens. Murphy continues that tradition in Scream Queens' second season, which features a bunch of familiar female faces — and signature accessories. Billie Lourd, for instance, returns as Chanel No. 3 with her earmuffs in tow.

???? #SQSEASON2 #themuffsareback #missedmymuffs #muffstuff #reunitedanditfeelssogood #blessednotstressed

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Lea Michele is excited to reprise Hester, although she offered no hints on whether her neck brace is coming back with her.
Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis, as Dean Munsch, looks a worse for wear. Is Hester to blame again?

The Dean is a. Relaxing b. Getting some work done c. Was beaten by Hester in a bar fight? @screamqueensfox

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Chanel No. 5 might be the once to watch this season. Judging by Abigail Breslin's Instagram, No. 5 is a girl, interrupted, who's not to be messed with.

Vibes today.

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As for who's getting offed, Ryan Murphy makes it easy to guess: Dr. Holt and Cassidy Cascade don't stand a chance. Screen Queens season 2 premieres on September 20 on Fox.

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