Forget Everything — THIS Is The Game Of Thrones Question We Want Answered

Game of Thrones season 6 left us with many questions. Fate-altering questions of power, destiny, and war. But there's one little mystery that's been nagging at us for far too long now, and it needs to be talked about. BuzzFeed reported that an incredibly observant redditor by the username ThreeOfTwelve noticed that Tyrion Lannister has been telling the same joke for quite a while now. Well, he's told it twice as far as we know — six whole seasons apart. The problem is that we still don't know the punchline. What we do know? It has to do with a brothel, and given Tyrion's admittedly wicked sense of humor, it's probably as funny as it is lewd. Tyrion first told the joke in the sixth episode of the first season, "A Golden Crown" (the one where Khal Drogo smokes Viserys Targaryen with a pot of molten gold).
Then in the eighth episode of this season, "No One," he starts telling the same joke...but doesn't get to finish.
We're putting our money on the highest-rated comment in the chat, from redditor Rockranger: "He was trying to negotiate one sweet ass for another."

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