This Solution Lets You Enjoy Any Cocktail In Bubble Form

In case you were getting bored will your go-to gin and tonic or vodka cranberry, there’s a new way to consume classic drinks that’s unlike anything we could have ever dreamed up. Perhaps the only person who could have imagined this is Willy Wonka himself, and that’s only because he lived in a world of pure imagination. Anyway, this crazy new way to get your drink on is called Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles. As the name implies, Bubble Lick turns any liquid into bubble form. When you order Bubble Lick online, you’ll receive six bottles of solution to which you can add your drink of choice. After adding in your beverage, you close the bottle and gently shake it. Then use the wand to blow your delicious potable bubbles. You can use sweet drinks like lemonade or slightly naughtier liquids like tequila. Maybe even get your morning caffeine kick in bubble form by adding some cold brew coffee to Bubble Lick. According to the company's website, Bubble Lick is 100% safe and non-toxic. It’s fun for kids (if you leave out the booze) and perhaps ever more fun for adults. (FWx)

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