How Kirsten Dunst's Grandma Affected Fargo

Kirsten Dunst really went above and beyond for her role as Peggy in Fargo.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress revealed that her late grandmother was from Minnesota. She drew on that connection for her Golden Globe-nominated role.

"Oh, I used everything," she shared. "A little dash of my grandmother. My dreams. Things that annoy me. People on set. I used everything possible to give my character an inner life that felt grounded.

"But it’s not like I felt my grandmother's presence on set. I did have one blatant moment with her though … with a hummingbird. I was driving home from a friend’s house and this hummingbird was in the middle of the street and it wouldn’t move. And it forced me to stop my car. I drove home and told my mom what happened because that's not in the nature of a hummingbird to do that. They’re always dashing around. And my mom realized that it was the day my grandma passed. So I think it was my grandma saying 'hi.'"

Dunst also said that she's sad that her grandmother didn't live to see the TV show.

"My only wish is that my grandma could have seen it," she added. "She’s from Minnesota and she passed away before I did all this. That was the most heartbreaking thing for me watching it. My grandma would have gotten such a kick out of Fargo. We were very close. I was born on her birthday."

Aw. Doesn't that make you want to hug your gammy?

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