Here’s How To Cope With The Avocadopocalypse

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Those hoping to make guacamole over 4th of July weekend might see their plans stymied as a Southern California heatwave has caused a major avocado shortage. The Los Angeles Times reports that state growers have seen huge issues with their crops. “Growers in Fallbrook, De Luz and Temecula reported record temperatures between 110 and 117 degrees, as well as 30-mile per hour winds – a potentially devastating combination for avocado groves planted in sandy soil where the fierce winds can wick away moisture faster than the trees can absorb it,” the Times writes. On top of that, the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows a massive price spike resulting from an unexpected early end to the Mexican avocado season. Two-layer cartons of Mexican hass avocados now reach $56.25, up from $33.25 at this time last year. So what does this mean for consumers? For starters, get your avocados early. We know it’s hard to time the freshness exactly right, but you can check out tips here. Second, be prepared for an avocadoless future. Check out some of our summer recipes. Your guests won’t even know they’re missing. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some avocados to stock up on.

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