Always Wants You To Keep Playing Sports #LikeAGirl

"A lot of boys have told me that I can’t play rugby — because I’m a girl," one young girl says at the start of Always' new ad. "You have to be girly," another says. "You have to like certain things." These are just a couple of the statements young women are constantly being told about playing sports. And feminine-product company Always is looking to change these stereotype-ridden myths by encouraging girls to keep playing — #LikeAGirl. According to a survey conducted by the company, half of the girls polled quit sports as their confidence levels plummeted during puberty. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't help to be told that you can't play certain sports "because you're a girl." Girls, however, are rightfully fighting back. When a woman asks a girl in the video, "What would you say to a girl who was thinking of quitting?" her response says it all: "Don't you dare." "You are worth it, and you deserve to play whatever sport you want to play," the girl continues. The video is the latest installment in Always' series of ads for its #LikeAGirl campaign, which aims to redefine and reclaim the outdated phrase. This spot in particular encourages young women to keep playing sports. As the ad says, the company "wants to keep girls playing — because sports keep girls confident." If that doesn't inspire you to stay in the game, we don't know what will.

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