The Ghostbusters Cast Doesn’t Have Time For Sexist Haters

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.
The women of Ghostbusters have a message for the sexist losers who have a problem with their movie: Get over it. Since the film's announcement, the all-female cast of the '80s remake — Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon — has faced criticism from people upset by the idea of Ghostbusters with vaginas. Or, as McCarthy calls them, "the crazy people." The actresses sat down with The New York Times for an interview about the movie, the sexist backlash it's receiving, and their hopes for how an action-fantasy reboot can help move the needle on representations of women in Hollywood.
The stars had some choice words for male Ghostbusters fans whining that the new flick is ruining their childhood. "[This] movie is not for them anyway," Jones said. "They need to probably go to therapy," Wiig added. McCarthy's feeling on the handwringing misogynists is this: "I think their childhood was pretty much ruined already. If this broke it, it was pretty fragile to begin with... Normal, healthy people don’t stand outside, saying, 'You’re ruining my childhood!'"
But, as McCarthy pointed out, those detractors represent a very small minority. "There’s one nut on every corner in every city that does it," she explained. "But so what? The other 300,000 people in a town aren’t doing that." The actress makes a great point, and it's one we find comforting: Most people are not actually sexist haters. Ghostbusters is set for realese July 15.

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