Sky Ferreira Defends Herself In Response To Offensive & Sexist Article

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Last week, a music writer at LA Weekly published a piece about singer Sky Ferreira. In it, the 23-year-old California native is described as "a dirtier Madonna: square jaw, strong eyebrows, lulled green eyes, crucifix, bleached blond hair, translucently pale skin, and killer tits" and "the most deliberately pimped-out example of a modern pop star." The racy description of the artist raised a lot of eyebrows, including those at Jezebel, Paper, and even LA Weekly itself. The magazine's music editor published an apology following criticism of the article, acknowledging the objectionable material littered throughout the piece. The most bizarre aspect of the profile is that it is, at its core, a positive review of Ferreira's work. So what was up with all of that voyeuristic, objectifying nonsense? The writer equates her talent as a singer to her sex appeal, which is both demeaning and offensive. Ferreira herself felt it necessary to step in and publicly reclaim her own identity, after being reduced down to a "schoolgirl fantasy; she looks like an unvarnished Madonna styled by Maripol, with the vaguely mystical presence of Nico and the faux-punkness of a Sex Pistols groupie." The singer addressed the story on Twitter, eloquently defending not only her own image, but her own sense of self. In one tweet she wrote that she is "not a fucking think piece" and that as a woman in entertainment, "You're either too fat or too thin or too pretty or ugly. That's the what I've been told my whole life since I was a little girl." Before explaining her thoughts on Twitter, Ferreira poked fun at the premise of the article and its blatant sexism.

Lol. I'm going to post what I have to say about all of this in a few.

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Below is the first part of her unofficial statement, via Twitter.
Ferreira went on to address rumors about her supporting the controversial photographer Terry Richardson (she says she has "never defended him") and ended the stream of tweets with a few powerful closing thoughts.

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