Cry Forever With The Help Of This Pixar Supercut

This weekend, Finding Dory shattered box-office records. It also entered into a whole canon of Pixar movies that will definitely make you cry. If you want to pinpoint the Pixar movie that will leave you in need of the most tissues, think of the things you find most devastating. Are you afraid to confront your own mortality? Check out Toy Story 3. Are you terrified that your significant other will predecease you? You might like (to sob while watching )Up.
And if you want to tear up but are short on time, you can check out this Pixar supercut, created by Chris Huebes. He's managed to pack in all the sob-worthy moments — with none of the comic relief — and edited them to make it seem like the films end right after those super-sad scenes. Watch at your own risk — and only if you're wearing waterproof mascara.

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