We Tried The New Summer Flavors From Chips Ahoy!

It’s officially the first day of the warmest season and nothing says summer quite like an ooey, gooey s’more. Of course, not all of us have access to a campfire anytime we crave this sweet treat. That’s where the newest flavor from Chips Ahoy! comes in. Chips Ahoy! S’mores are flavored cookies with a soft fudgy center and an unbeatable combo of marshmallow and fudge-flavored chips. To get even more of what you love in a classic s’more, the packaging suggests heating the cookies in the microwave. The chocolatey insides will then give you a bite-sized version of the perfect summer night huddled around a campfire with friends. Along with the s’mores flavor, Chips Ahoy! also announced the brand new red velvet flavor. While we aren’t too certain how red velvet specifically relates to summertime, we aren’t complaining. This flavor features cream cheese filling and cream cheese chips. We had the pleasure of trying both new flavors and if you love all things super-duper sweet, we think you'll be a big fan. The cookie component of the s'mores flavor didn't exactly taste like a graham cracker, but they're tasty all the same. Red velvet, though, honestly tastes identical to a classic red velvet cupcake, which of course means rich and uber-decadent. As these are summer flavors, they'll only be available for a limited time. Nabisco has not officially released them everywhere, but the cookies should be coming to a store near you very soon, so keep an eyes out!

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