Julianne Hough’s Voluminous Ponytail Isn’t As Simple As It Looks

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At first glance, Julianne Hough's ponytail looks like...um, a ponytail. But look a little closer: She's actually actually rocking a set of mini ponies, all working in tandem to give tons of volume. Who's the mastermind behind this? No surprises here: It's the star's longtime hairstylist, Riawna Capri — who we pegged last fall as one of the biggest names in beauty right now — co-owner of L.A. salon Nine Zero One. The look, which Hough wore to a Grease Live! Q&A yesterday, was all about height and texture. Instead of sewing in wefts of fake hair to beef up Hough's pony, Capri used the star's own strands for maximum impact. She hit the hair with a generous cloud of texturizing spray, then curled it all with a 1-1/4 inch iron. Then, she sectioned the first of four ponytails by clipping back just the strands behind the eyebrows. Then, she created another ponytail from the temple back, directly under the first ponytail, before working downwards and repeating the process two more times.

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You're probably thinking this technique is all well and good if you've got down-to-there hair. But Capri assures says it's actually genius for pretty much any hair type, texture, or length. "Just adjust the amount of ponytails, as needed," she says. Once the ponytails are done, "Pull out the front of the hair for extra height and texture," says Capri. And no need to finish it off with hairspray — the key to this look is softness. The result? An effortlessly textured ponytail that's overflowing with touchable volume. Yep, it's that easy.

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