Sadly, M&M McFlurries May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
The McDonald’s McFlurry is one of those childhood desserts that we will never stop loving. I think this quote from 30 Rock puts it best, “the soft swirl of vanilla and the hard crunch of candy and cookies — you’d think they’d fight each other but no, together they are perfecto.” Unfortunately, if M&M’s are your candy of choice, you may soon have to change up your regular order. (I’m partial to Oreos, in case you were curious.) Today, Reuters reported that Mars, the candy company that makes M&Ms, is concerned McDonald's McFlurries — along with other fast food dessert, like DQ's Blizzards — are too sugary and unhealthy. According to Time, the company is considering no longer allowing its candy to be used in these menu items. That’s pretty shocking to hear from a candy company, however Mars' public stance on sweets is that they should be enjoyed in moderation. The removal of M&Ms from McFlurries isn't yet a done deal, but Reuters reports that “[Mars] has promised publicly to limit sugar in all of its products to match guidelines from the world's leading health authorities.” And while we understand why it would do so, we like the M&M's McFlurry too much to care. (Time)

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