Meet The 5-Year-Old Hairstylist Putting Our Skills To Shame

When I was a kid, I had a particular affinity for doing my dolls' hair. I would wash it, dry it, braid it, style it (ponytails only: a hair prodigy I was not), and then move on to my next toy. Well, there's one little girl who's putting my past tinkering to serious shame. The 5-year-old hair guru, Magnolia from Scottsdale, AZ — known as Confessions of a Mini Hairstylist on Instagram — has won over the hearts of Internet users worldwide with her impressive strand skills. Her fame kicked off at the end of May when her mom — also a hairstylist — uploaded a a Facebook video that has since racked up more than 122,000 views. The rest is viral video history. Magnolia's Instagram videos show her transforming mannequin hair into pure art. Check out her talents in action below while resisting the urge to feel jealous that you weren't this talented at her age (or that you can't pull off these styles now). Here she is in her first-ever video. "I like hair like my mama," the caption reads.
Introducing: the triple flower bun updo.
And here's the curl swoop — a.k.a. a style we don't even attempt now, let alone when we were in kindergarten.
Quick question: Do you think she's booked all summer? We have a handful of weddings to attend and could use some assistance in the hair department. Let us know, Magnolia. We pay in cash, or Shopkins, or ice cream cones — whichever you prefer.

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