Quiz: Which Game Of Thrones Character Is Made Up?

Keeping track of every Game of Thrones character can be taxing, even for the biggest fan. Characters are constantly being killed off, and love triangles introduce not just new characters but entirely new (to the audience, anyway) territories. Sometimes, it seems like George R.R. Martin selected the names to be intentionally confusing. Tywin and Tyrion, father and son, are related to the Tyrells by marriage. That's a GoT fact and a tongue twister. Most of the time, it's just easier to ask your viewing buddies what they think of "the guy with the hair" than to actually try to Google exactly who you're referring to.
But part of any fantasy fandom is improving your trivia street cred. It's why you learned Daenerys' full title — only a casual watcher would simply call her Mother of Dragons. This is your chance to prove you can spot a fake GoT moniker even in a cluster of real C-list characters. Challenge your friends at the next Game of Thrones-viewing party.

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