This New Web Series Rewrites Movies To Make Them About Women

It's no secret that Hollywood is male-dominated, and that often means its films end up centered on male characters. Fortunately, the new web series Full Movie Here is flipping that dynamic upside down. Its episodes are rewrites of famous movies that replace the men with women. The first installment in the series is an alternate version of There Will Be Blood, but don't be fooled by the title: It's very different from the original. In it, a vampire goes to a BYOB (bring your own blood) party and tries to turn a hookup into a meal. Writer Andrea Lee Christensen told The A.V. Club that she hasn't seen the original, but that's okay. We like this one better.

The Wolf of Wall Street
, which features an actual werewolf, and Finding Nemo, which explores what it's like to grow up in a celebrity family, are coming up next. They may not garner as large an audience as the movies they're based on, but they'll probably produce at least as many laughs — and have better representation of women.

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