Will The Real Ramsay Bolton Fans Please Stand Up?

We should know by now that the internet tends to reveal the worst in people. But Twitter is now home to the most nefarious group of Game of Thrones fans imaginable: Ramsay Bolton devotees. In this Sunday's GoT episode, we'll see the "Battle of Bastards" (the heavily teased showdown between the series' two leading men born out of wedlock), meaning Jon Snow and his gang of Northerners and wildlings will go up against Ramsay Bolton and his army. The battle is sure to be one of the show's best. But alas, it's also brought out the worst of the GoT fan base: people with a WiFi connection, too much time on their hands, and an inexplicable affinity for Ramsay "Flayed Man" Bolton.
Let's do a quick gut check on this: Real people are supporting a Bolton victory. There hasn't been a such an ardent contingency of misguided fans since people tried to convince me that Iggy Azalea is an acceptable rapper, or that "boxer braids" aren't just cornrows with some Kardashian branding. This is bad. But it's bad in a way only Game of Thrones can be: It's Bolton-bad. Trigger fingers, go ahead and turn to Twitter fingers. #TeamBolton supporters, cancel your WiFi, donate your HBO subscription, and delete your accounts.

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