The Most Popular Reality-TV Shows By State

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Like comfort food, most reality TV isn't too challenging; and not surprisingly, as we see in the results of this breakdown of the most popular reality-TV show in each state, we gravitate to what is familiar.
So, if you live in California, where Keeping Up With the Kardashians is filmed, chances are you're watching along with the Cali-based clan and finding their adventures relatable. Or you're hate-watching (we don't judge). Either way, you're definitely watching.
On the East Coast, it comes as no surprise that New Yorkers are loving RuPaul's Drag Race, with Mob Wives and Long Island Medium coming in second and third. You gotta problem with that?
Meanwhile, out in Utah, the most popular reality show? Sister Wives. Considering the state's history with polygamy, it's not surprising people would be curious about it. And Nevada loves Pawn Stars, a show filmed in a Las Vegas pawn shop. Strangely, South Dakota's top show was Jon and Kate Plus Eight — do they know that's been off the air for a while now?
The site also named the number two and three shows in each state in their full rankings, if you want to know the runners-up in your state.
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