America's First Cat Bar Promises Wines & Felines

Having a latte with an American shorthair seemed fun enough. But Denver wants to take cat cafes to a new level — with America's first cat bar.

Cat cafes, which gained popularity in Asia, have spread all over the world — including a few outposts in the U.S. There patrons can usually have a coffee drink at an adjacent cafe and then cavort with some kitties.

But soon, you might be able to enjoy an Abyssinian with an IPA.

The Denver Cat Company, which runs a cafe in town, wants to open the Denver Cat Bar, which would similarly allow customers to adopt rescues.

"It’s time for cats + wine to become reality. You’ll enjoy wine, (or beer), surrounded by super playful cats!" the Kickstarter page reads. "Cats are more active and playful at night, just like their human counterparts. You’ll also be a part of creating history!"

The owner Sara Hamelin was apparently inspired by a cat pub that opened in the U.K. recently, Eater says.

There's plans for a "cat lounge" where you can imbibe and hangout and perhaps a "catio" — you know, a cat patio. The preparation of food and drinks would be in separate area, however. The alcohol factor also allows them to ditch a cover charge, like many cafes have.

The owners are aiming to raise $60,000 for the bar via Kickstarter. Backers are up for some goodies — like a day of painting with "meowmosas."

They want to build on the success of their cafe, which has had 150 cats adopted in a little over a year.

"We have a proven track record of making magic for cats and people. We are a good bet. Will you help us?"

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