How Every ‘90s & ‘00s Kid Remembers The Most Important Night Of TV

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For '90s kids, T.G.I.F. isn't just something to write at the bottom of Friday's emails. It's the name of the best block of TV from your childhood. It's an acronym that brings back memories of watching Full House, Family Matters, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Before Friday nights meant going out, they meant staying in and hoping that maybe your parents would let you enjoy some Bagel Bites with your sitcoms.
It's been 16 years since you've sat down for a night of T.G.I.F. — a long 16 years since you saw promos like this one. But memories of watching Sister, Sister with your BFF or Dinosaurs with your parents are still strong. We've rounded up some fond memories from our friends and colleagues of gathering around the TV to watch the best '90s TV families. Feel free to start humming any of the theme songs.
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Problem Solving

"My sister and I begged my parents and they bought a tiny black-and-white TV that was portable/plugged into our minivan's outlet (cigarette lighter...circa 1997), so we didn't miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Boy Meets World. We used to drive an hour to have Friday dinners with my grandma — but we definitely couldn't miss Sabrina and Salem."

— Kate Garcia, Brand Executive
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T.G.I.F. Forever

"My sister and I are grown-ass women, both of whom now have kids of our own, and yet we still get each other's attention at family events by shouting 'FEENEH! FEE-EE-EENEH!' across the room."

— Amelia Edelman, Content Editor
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The Family That Watches Together...

"I don't think my family ever missed a T.G.I.F. lineup in the '90s. One of the specific memories I have is of my sister and I watching Perfect Strangers and teaching ourselves how to do Larry and Balki's happy dance. She's older and would always pick me up at the end, but as we grew up, it switched and I would pick her sister's very petite!"

— Gina Marinelli, Fashion Editor, Brand Experiences
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Do Not Disturb The Fan

"Fridays were my day with my grandmother. She'd pick me up from school or summer camp and I'd go shopping with her or sometimes with my cousins, but we were promptly home by seven, so we could cook dinner and be ready to watch shows at eight. I'd sit in my grandma's basement and wouldn't move for anything (except during the breaks). It was a running joke that no one could bother Reba (what my grandmother called me) during her Friday night stories. Sabrina, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Boy Meets World, and Step by Step were my favorites."

— Rebekkah Easleye, Editorial Associate
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TV Come To Life

"My Brownie troop had a Sabrina the Teenage Witch camp one year (this was 1997). I remember being a duck on one skit, while my friend played Salem."

— Erin Hamre, Research Technologist

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